May 19, 2018: Sarah MaCharge playing for Reno High School won the RYBAP Achievement Scholarship contest for the school year 2017-2018 by ranking 1st overall in the final pairs DSC_0181_previewcontest partnered with Jamie Cohen from Galena High School thus ending with 142 RYBAP points.  She and Jaimie put together a 69.20 percent game easily winning the section.  Just 19 RYBAP achievements points behind was Emree Paiva from the High Desert Montessori Charter School with a score of 123.  Reno Youth Bridge Chairman, Jefri Donovan, said that the RYB Board passed a resolution last year which disallowed any member to be awarded the $1000 College Tuition Scholarship in two consecutive years so this year Sarah was awarded a reduced scholarship in the amount of $500 and Emree Paiva the second ranked player in RYBAP achievement points was awarded the $1000 Scholarship.  This dosn’t bother Sarah, however since she was the beneficiary of that rule last year when she finished second to Matt Oakley who won the RYBAP Achievement contest for the second time in a row, thus enabling Sarah to claim the $1000 prize for that year.  Over the years of Sarah’s membership in RYB, she has earned $3500 of College Tuition Scholarship money and become a fine young bridge player among her other artistic talents as a concert Pianist. Final standings in the top 10 RYBAP positions are shown on the border at the right of this  page. 

Sarah Macharg, Reno High School 142
Emree Paiva, High Desert Montessori Charter 123
Ella Paiva, High Desert Montessori Charter  123
Sophia Paiva, High Desert Montessori Charter 115
Caden Boehme Reno High School 112
Josie McCue, High Desert Montessori Charter 112
Anthony Ritter Reno High School 111
Ellie Mustard Reno High Schoolo 104
Lucy Burnham Reno High School 98




May 20, 2017: The Final Standings for the Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Program are now official.  With the  Reno Youth Bridge 2016-17 Final Pairs Championship Tournament completed May 20th, the race for achieving the highest number of RYBAP points is finished.  Now the final standings are in and they show that for the second year in a row, Matt Oakley has won the highest number of RYBAP Achievement points in the compeIMG_0868tition for 2017.  In second place in the competition is Sarah Macharg, Matt’s partner in most RYB events, and an excellent player and student of the game. In an expression of fear that one student might develop such skill and relative expertise as to make it seem unlikely if not hopeless that anyone else could win this scholarship “achievement” award, the RYB Board of Directors passed a Resolution that no participant could win the $1000 scholarship two years in a row. So this year, in as much as Matt won the Scholarship in 2016, the $1000 scholarship has been granted to 2nd place finisher, Sarah Macharg.  A $500 consolation scholarship award has been granted to Matt Oakley in recognition that he actually won the RYBAP competition. 

The final standings of those in the top twenty rankings in the RYBAP achievement program for 2017, are shown on the panel at the bottom of this column.  


Matt Oakley, Reno High School* 245.92
Sarah Macharg, Reno High School 195.11
Luis Heredia Nunez, Sparks Middle School 88
Kathy Morse, Reno High School 88
Jamie Cohen, Galena High School 75
Carley Kinerson,Reno High School 68
Ella Paiva, High Desert Montessori 65
Emeree Paiva, High Desert Montessori 65
Joseph Watts, McQueen High School 64.5
Wally Debarger, Reno High School 62
Andrew Wisher, Galena High School 62
Pedro Carmena, Reno High 59
Kaviny Girtharan, Reno High School 56
Vitas Gedvila, Reno High School 56
Victoria Nelson, Sparks Middle school 55
Alex Mustard, Reno High School 54
Lucy Burnham, Reno High School 53
Sofia Paiva, High Desert Montessori 53
Tyler Clark, McQueen High School 52
Kailee Betts, McQueen High School 50.5

  * RYB Board Resolutions disqualify any student from receiving $1000 scholarship in successive years.  In such circumstances, the award is made to the student who scored the next highest points in this RYBAP competition.