Year-end Pairs Tournament 2018:



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Year-end Pairs Tournament 2018

May 19, 2018: Sarah MaCharge and Jamie Cohen playing for Reno High School won the Year-end Pairs Championship Tournament having put together a fine 69.20 percent game easily DSC_0155_previewwinning the Overall Title.  Emree Paiva and Ella Paiva recorded a very nice score of 59.82% to come in second, overall.  Competition was intense as this tournament was going to determine who would win the $1000 College Tuition Scholoarship awarded to the student who accumulated the most Reno Youth Bridge Achievements Points over the school year .Just 5 RYBAP achievements points behind Sarah was Sofia Paiva who was well ahead of the field in RYBAP points going in to this tournament.  Sofia Paive an elementary student at High Desert Montessori Charter Schoool has been racking up points playing in the new Monday evening bridge seminar at which 3 points are awarded just for participation each Monday. Her Monday evening Instruction games enabled her to become competitive in the RYBAP contest and if she would have been able to finsh in the top three positions, she would have held off Sarah who was an odds on bet to win this year-end tournament.  Unfortunately Sofia and her partner were outgunned in the play today as they finished well back of the leaders.  Nevertherless, finishing in second place in the RYBAP competition was not disappointing for Sovia as Sarah Macharg who actually scored the highest number of RYBAP points was disqualified for the top prize of the $1000 Scholarship due to the fact that no student is allowed to win the prize in two consecutive years and Sarah was the winner last year as well.  Reno Youth Bridge Chairman, Jefri Donovan, said that the RYB Board passed a resolution last year which disallowed any member to be awarded the $1000 College Tuition Scholarship in two consecutive years so this year Sarah was awarded a reduced scholarship in the amount of $500 and Sophia Paiva the second ranked player in RYBAP achievement points was awarded the $1000 Scholarship.  This disn’t bother Sarah, however since she was the beneficiary of that rule last year when she finished second to Matt Oakley who won the RYBAP Achievement contest for the second time in a row in 2017.

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 Spring Pairs Tournament 2018

March 24, 2018: Putting together a monstrous game score of 71.67%, Caden Boehme and Anthoney Ritter of Reno High School were the overall winners of the A Section Reno Youth Bridge Spring Pairs Championship held at the Reno Bridge Center last Saturday March 24th.  Rerno Youth Bridge sponsors three major Anthoney Ritter-Caden Boehme-tournaments each school year for Middle and High School students who are members of the Washoe County School District’s after school activity teaching the values of learning how to play the game of bridge.  An important potential benefit earned by Caden and Anthoney is their award of RYBAP points toward the possibility of earning the Reno Youth Bridge’s annual award of a College Tuition Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00.  This scholoarship is awarded to the Student who accumulated the highest number of RYBAP points each school year ending in June.  For winning this tournament they will earn 15 RYBAP silver points.  Students accumulate RYBAP points for weekly attendance in the Bridge Club classes, playing in American Contract Bridge League tournaments and playing 12 or more hands with instructors on Bridge Base Online.  In second Place were Joseph and Daniel Watts with a score of 65% which was also a fine score and normally might win the section.  In third place in the A Section were Sarah Macharg and Kat Kallas with a score of 48.5%.

In Section C, the winners were Sophia Paiva and Josie McCue who had a score of 51.67% closely followed by Sebastion Martinez and Donovan Mustard who scored 50%.  The third place pair in the C Section were Ella Paiva and Emree Paiva.

Anthoney Ritter-Caden Boehme-Daniel Watts-Joseph Watts- Kat Kalla-Sarah Macharg Sophia Pavia-Josie McCue-Donovan Mustard-Sebastian Martinez-Ella Pavia-Emree Pavia Seawbastian Martinez-Izzy Stillwater-Donovan Mustard--Eden Richards Josie McCue-Anthony Salas-Sophia Pavia-Vincent Vega Danial Watts-Lucy Burnham-Joseph Watts-Rachel Clawson Caden Boheme-Sarah Macharg-Anthony Ritter-Kat Kallas Amiee Newberry(RHS),Shanie Mustard (McQueen HS) Terry DeBarger (Reen HS) Allie Mustard-Alex Mustaqrd-Wally DeBarger-Daphne Quint

Winter Pairs Tournament 2017

Decembrer 16, 2017: Reno Youth Bridge held its annual intramural Winter Youth Pairs Tournament for students of the Washoe County School district on Saturday at the Reno Bridge Center.  The Tournament was split into two sections, one for experienced players and the other for the first year students.  This year, new students playing for the first time in the Winter Pairs Tournament had the opportunity to ask a Director or an Instructor how they should bid or play a hand.  So, they were able to compete without having to just be guessing on difficult hands.  This way they were able to play and learn at the same time.  The Senior event was won by Sarah Macharg and Jamie Cohen. Second place overall were Kathryn Heath & Gabe Reyes.

Winter Tourn 2nd place  Winter Photo 15 Winter Photo 12 Winter Photo 8

Winter photo2 Winter Photo 11Winter Photo 5Dan Green Macharg trophy

Winter Photo 10  Winter photo 9  Winter Photo 7   Winter Photo 14

Winter Photo  Winter Photo 4  Winter Photo 3  2018-01-03 Image of bridge score


2017 Spring Pairs Championships

April 22, 1017: Members of Reno Youth Bridge Middle and High School teams in the Washoe County School System met at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Spark’s during the Reno Bridge ACBL Unit 473 Sectional Tournament to compete in the Reno Youth Bridge-Washoe County School District’s Intramural Spring Pairs Championship.  The Favorite Pair to win the event, Matt Oakley and Sarah MacHarg, had all they could handle from Tyler Clark and Jose Watts from McQueen High School who scored a very nice 60.69% game.  Second, also from McQueen High School were Michelle Choung and Kailee Betts, with a score of 60.63, a mere .06% behind the winners.  That is really close

IMG_1066 crop 1IMG_1066crop3IMG_1067Crop2IMG_1067 crop1IMG_1060 crop1IMG_1064 Crop2IMG_1057 Jamie Cohen, Andrew Wischer,2017 Spring Tourn Sarah Macharg, Hayden Davis, Matt Oakley, Jeremy Benik2017 Rachel Clawson, Walter DeBarger, Barbara Agre, Lucy Burnham, Alex MustardIMG_1059 Vytas GedvillaIMG_1060IMG_1066 Crop 4IMG_1067 group cropIMG_1064IMG_1060 crop 2IMG_1054 crop


2015 Year-end Pairs Championship


On May 30, 2015, student members of Reno Youth Bridge -Washoe County high schools and middle schools met in the Year-end intramural duplicate Bridge Pairs Championship at the Reno Bridge Center.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to receive a 45 minute lesson on leads and follow ups from Bob Luebkeman, well known professional Bridge Teacher here in the Reno area.

All but one of the individuals likely to determine the final outcome of the Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Program’s (RYBAP) award of a $1000 College Tuition Scholarship attended and the competition was fierce.  By the beginning of the final week of learning and practice playing, the  leaders in the race for the RYBAP Scholarship were Sarah McCharg, of the Davidson Academy; Henry Weisberg, Emma Miller, Sidney Inouye, and Nathan Ly of McQueen High School; Grecia Ruelas of Galena High School; and Vytas Gedvila from Billinghurst Middle School. The award is given to the student accumulating the highest number of Black points for effort and Silver points for demonstrated Skill during the entire school year. In First place going in to the tournament was Sarah Macharg of the Davidson Academy,  It seemed probable that in order to win the scholarship, one of these contenders would have to win or place high in the rankings for the event.  The winners of the tournament would receive 40 Silver points and 10 Black points which combined could allow them to overtake Sarah Macharg at least that was what everyone thought a week ago.  But Sarah had another plan up her sleeve.  Because she would not be able to participate in the tournament due to an academic testing requirement in Las Vegas, she devised a plan to earn as many black points as she could by playing online with an instructor or two and from May 21 to May 30th she garnered 64 black points playing 133 hands online earning for which she earned .45 points for each hand.  As reported elsewhere, Sarah spent over 15 hours online during this period to build her total  in order to fend off the challengers who would have a chance to win 50 or 60 points by winning the overall trophy in the Pairs Championship on Saturday.  Emma Miller and her partner Sidney  Inouye put on an outstanding effort playing a tight defense and bidding some marginal games which allowed them to accrue 62.5 match points and a 69% game to win the overall best score in the Championship.  Congratulations Emma and Sidney.  Henry Weisberg and Nathan Ly also had a terrific score of 61.5 Match points, only one behind the overall winners.  Their 68.33% game showed their skill in defense and as declarer as they won first place in the East-West direction but fell one match point short of taking home the winner’s trophy.  The rankings for other players are shown below along with the number of ACBL Master Points won by the partnerships.

Bud Brewer and Dan Green  announced a special summer program in which all Reno Youth Bridge students may join in a competition involving the learning of the popular 2/1 Bidding System.  RYB students can join in the program, which is free, by sending an email to requesting to participate.  Each week during the Summer, they will receive a brief but important lesson regarding the rules and bidding concepts involved in this increasingly popular bidding system.  The program is structured around ACBL Bridge Professional Larry Cohen’s theories on 2/1 Game Force.  The students will have a Quiz at the end of each lesson testing their learning of specific concepts.  Students will answer the questions in the Quiz at the end of the lesson and return it to Bud Brewer by Email who along with Dan Green will grade each student’s answers in the quiz.  Students can earn up to 5 Silver Points for correct answers each week and up to a total of 60 (Perfect Score) silver points for all 12 quizzes.  Bud and Dan advised those students at today’s tournament that to provide an incentive and motivation to take 25-30 minutes a week to learn and play 2/1 Game Force bidding, they will fund a major Reno department store Gift Certificate in the amount of $500.00 to go to the RYB student who accumulated the most Silver points during the 12 week period beginning on the weekend of June 7th. In addition the RYB student who finishes in 2nd place will receive $250.00 major department store Gift Certificate and the student in 3rd place will receive a $100.00 Gift Certificate. Where there are ties, the awards will be split eve


Pair# Partners PCT. Score Rank Overall MPS Silver Points
4 Sidney Inouye–Emma Miller 69.44 62.50 1 1 0.70 40
5 Branden H.-Nunez=Alex H-Nunez53.33 48.00 2 0.49 20
2 Mehar Manat = Grecia Ruelas 52.78 47.50 3 0.35 10
3 Jeremy Benik-Hayden Davis 47.78 43.00
6 Kailee Betts – Terra Walsh 47.22 42.50
1 Michelle Vazquez – Carolyn Jones 41.11 37.00
7 Teacher Fill in 38.33 34.50

Pair # Partners PCT Score Rank MPS Silver Points
6 Nathan Ly – Henry Weisberg 68.33 61.50 1 0.70 30
4 Ben lee -Raelynn Dela Cruz 59.44 53.50 2 0.49 20
1 Chloe Young – Hannah Hartley 51.11 46.00 3 0.35 10
3 Kit DiCarlo – Johnny Canfield 47.78 43.00
2 Vyutas Gedvila – Rivera Larson 46.67 42.00
5 Daniel Garner – Smuel Hickok 41.67 37.50
7 Ruth lynman – Aspen Neahusan 35.00 31.50





March 21, 2015: WCSD High Schools and Middle schools competed today for the right to display the RYB Silver Cup symbolic of being the winner of their Division at the annual Spring Washoe County School District’s Intramural Duplicate Bridge Team Championships.  Winners of the Middle School and High School Division Duplicate Bridge Team Championships earn the right to display their Division’s Silver Cup trophy in their school’s Trophy case for the following year.  This year, the High School Division Cup was won by a mixed team composed of Sarah MacHarg from The Davidson Academy, Jessica Fuchs from Reno High School,  Vytas Gedvila and Larson Riviera from Billinghurst Middle School.  While their names will be engraved on the RYB Silver Cup the Trophy as members of the winning team, the Cup will not be awarded to a specific school.  Often is the case that a school’s number two team or teams made up of participants from different schools wins the team event and in those cases the Trophy remains at the Reno Bridge Club fo public display.  Coming in second was the McQueen #1 team composed of Sidney Inouye, Emma Miller, Jesse Allison and Ruth Lynman.  In 3rd place was McQueen #3 with Chris Lin, Realynn DeLaCruz, Nathan Ly , Jimmy Cheng, and Kailee Betts.  The game was Directed bu Kathy Lane with help from RYB instructors Mike Slattery, Marl LundBlad, Gary Nitzberg, Sally Edison, Don Parsons, Pat and Dan Green, Beth Swanberg and Virginia Kellermyer.

The Middle School Silver Cup was won by Morgan Thiedt, Alyssa LaFountain, Hannah Hartly and Kit DeCarlo al from Depoali Middle School and represents a second year in a row that Depoali has won this division’s perpetual Trophy.



December 27,2014:  The Reno Youth Bridge Midwinter Tournament was held at the Grand Sierra Resort on Saturday between Christmas and New Years.  This being the first competition in which the new students of this school year, it challenged those who began to learn the game in the fall semester to gear up enough knowledge about the bidding to actually be competitive.  RYB Instructors have worked hard to prepare their students to learn the basics of the “Play of the Hand” before introducing a basic set of rules for bidding.  This definitely gave the more experienced student players an advantage but as it turned out, the “newbies” did a great job and played well enough to give those more experienced all that they could ask for.  Henry Weisberg, Nathan Ly, Sarah MacCharg, Matt Oakley, Rory and Brent Xiao, Andrew Wischer, Grecia Ruelas, Emma Miller and Sidney Inouye clearly took advantage of their extra year of instruction to help them place high in the overall or section rankings.  Nevertheless, several first year students did relatively well and will definitely be a greater threat when the next tournament is held. Here are a few candid pictures of the tournament.  Each winter between Christmas and New Years, Reno Youth Bridge sponsors the Midwinter tournament to introduce the fun and excitement of competition between individuals and their partners playing in their first intramural tournament.  For the past 6 years, this venue has been made possible by the generous inclusion of Reno Youth student in the ACBL Regional held under the supervision of the District 20 of the American Contract Bridge League located in Portland Oregon.  Reno Youth Bridge is very appreciative of this opportunity to have its students play in a venue that has adult members of the ACBL playing in their individual and team events during the Reno Regional.

No Name Overall Rank Section Rank Score Pct. Awards
2 HENRY WEISBERG  NATHAN LY 1 1 98.5 68.4 4.67 Red
5 SIDNEY INOUYE EMMA MILLER 4 68.5 47.57 0.85 Red
6 41 28.47
8 ANDREW WISCHER GRECIA RUELAS 5 3 84 58.33 1.48 Red
9 CHRISTIAN LIN JIMMY CHENG 4 2 90.5 62.85 1.97 Red
No Name Overall Rank Section Rank Final Score Pct. Awards
1 68 47.22
3 BRENT XIAO  RORY XIAO 2 1 92 63.89 3.50 Red
5 70.5 48.96
6 SARAH MACHARG MATT OAKLEY 3 2 91 61.9 2.63 Red
9 KIMBERLY TRAN JOSEPH CHENG 3 81 56.25 1.22 Red

April 26, 2014:This year, seven of the Washoe County High School Bridge Clubs were organized and became a part of the Reno Youth Bridge intramural competition.  Attending their first Team Game competition playing for the possession of the RYB-WCSD Silver Cup, students from Galena High School, McQueen High School, and Sparks High School joined with AACT and the Davidson Academy to compete in the RYB Spring Team Game Championships. Some 60 team members participated at John Ascuagas Golden Nugget Hotel to win possession of the RYB-WCSD Silver Cup, a perpetual trophy awarded to the school represented by the winning team. AACT was part of the program in 2013 and the Davidson Academy has had a Bridge Club since 2010.  Even though only learning and playing the game once a week in after school activity, McQueen and Galena showed that their team members were prepared to be competitive. More on this tournament along with the Mini-Bridge Pairs Championships held at the same time is in the Featured Story under the News section.  Reno Youth Bridge has over 300 students in the Washoe County School System registered in seven high schools, five Middle Schools, High Desert Montessori Charter School and the Davidson Academy.  Bridge is becoming more popular among the youth in schools across the nation as they are heard to say”I remember this game, it is the card game my grandparents used to play.”  While it is true that most ACBL tournament held across this nation will wind a plethora of grey haired people sitting in competition, there is a growing interest in learning and playing this game by the younger generation.  While easy to learn the basic rules of play, the game becomes more challenging as the bidding process is developed.  Reno Youth members are playing online at the software program Reno Youth Bridge Directors and Instructors often are found there online playing with and helping students learn the game.

June, 2013:This past weekend, Reno Middle School and High School Bridge Teams competed in the RYB–WCSD Year end Pairs Tournament in pursuit of the RYB Gold Trophy. The winners of the event were Shashank Addagarla and Matt Oakley of the Davidson Academy. The pair will have their names engraved on the trophy and it will be encased in the Trophy cabinet at the Reno Bridge Center. Shashank and Matt had a fine 60.84% game and finished 3 points or about half a “board” ahead of Davis Troyer and Zachary Foster of Shaw Middle School who finished second. Thirty six of the Reno Youth Bridge student members attended the tournament even though unknowingly the game was scheduled in conflict with a District Math Competition which kept ten to twelve of the members from being able to attend. Nevertheless, eighteen partnerships from ten middle schools and high schools registered in this prestigious event, the winners of which are qualified to assume the title of King of Youth Bridge of Washoe County School District. Reno Youth Bridge is attempting to organize several more Bridge Clubs at various WCSD High Schools in the coming year. A large number of Reno Youth Bridge members are graduating from the middle schools this year and will be attending various high schools in which a Youth Bridge Club has yet to be started.

It is hoped to have four or five of the high school form bridge clubs at which RYB will teach newcomers the basics of the game and the more experienced players will be gaining in experience playing in tournaments at the Reno Bridge Center. In addition to receiving their trophies for section wins, Shasank and Matt will have their names engraved upon the RYB Gold Trophy representing their overall victory. Both Matt and Shashank attended the “Saturday Morning Teaching Table” from time to time and took the weekend bridge quiz which presented different bridge playing and bidding problems that they had to solve. In reward for making the effort to improve, members received RYBAP points for attending the online teaching table and completing the weekend quiz. Points won helped them finish high in the standing for the Year end gift certificates given to members based on their ranking in the RYBAP point standings. It is not surprising to see those who win our Team and Pairs competitions also be ranked high in the RYBAP Point count. The Shaw after school Bridge Class has been receiving instruction from Conrad Evans, one of the highly regarded experts in the Reno Unit. Conrad has an approach which defers the teaching of duplicate and focuses on simple bidding and play with scoring more like party bridge. Whatever he has been doing it apparently has had exceptional results as the two members of the partnership finishing second in the Pairs Championships shown here were also members of the Shaw Middle School Bridge Team that won the RYB-WCSD Spring Team Championships last April.

Kathy Lane and RYB Director and teacher Dan Green are shown here presenting the Spring Team Game Silver Cup to the winning team from Shaw Middle School. Members of the team pictured here are Captain Zachary Foster, Davis Troyer, Andrew Wishcher and Joseph Logan. This, the Shaw Team #2 is receiving the perpetual trophy now that their names have been engraved on one of the brass name plates, to transport it to the school for display in its trophy case. Deborah Annand, Faculty Representative, will also receive a gift certificate of $250 from the Dillon’s Department Store in recognition of their school winning this trophy.

In addition to the award of the Trophies for section wins in the Year End Pairs Championship, Kathy Lane and Bud Brewer gave out the gift certificates won by RYB members who were in the top twenty position in standings for accumulated RYBAP points earned by the students during the school year. Points are awarded for achievement and effort during the instruction period. Members can earn points for consistency in class attendance, logging in to the Saturday Teaching Table online, taking the Weekend bridge Quiz, attending each of the three Major Tournaments sponsored by RYB, playing 12 practice hands with an instructor or an RYB Director online, attending and playing in any sanctioned ACBL tournament and for their rankings in the three Major RYB Tournaments. During the 2012-2013 school semesters the student who accumulated the highest number of RYBAP points also earned a $1000 College or trade school Scholarship conditioned upon graduating from high school and having accumulated a 2.5 GPA. The winner of the Condition Precedent Scholarship this year was Henry Weisberg, shown here receiving his certificate from Kathy Lane.

“Shaw Team #2 wins Reno Youth Bridge Spring Team Game Championships” width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-1665″ />Bridge Championships in pursuit of winning the RYB “Silver Cup”. Possession of the Cup, a perpetual trophy is given to the winning team’s school for display in their trophy case until a competitor wins the same championships in 2014. Zachary Foster, Team Captain of Shaw #2 is shown here receiving the Silver Cup from Tournament Chairman Bud Brewer, Managing Director of Reno Youth Bridge. Other members of the team are Davis Troyer, Andrew Wishcher and Joseph Logan. Shaw #2 opened up a lead of 14 victory points by the end of the second of four rounds, but Sparks #2 came roaring back in the 3rd quarter to close the gap to only 2 Victory Points. The fourth and final match would indeed determine who was going to win the Silver Cup. Sparks Team # 2 was made up by Yash Shah, Smit Shah, Trace Turner and Suzy Davenport. The pressure was intense as both teams missed opportunities to put the victory away. Upon totaling up the final score it was determined that both teams had won their matches by the identical score of two victory points. The Shaw #2 team thus prevailed and became the second Washoe County middle school whose team member’s names are engraved on a plate attached to the Silver Cup Trophy. Finishing in third place was the always competitive team of High Desert Montessori Charter School whose members were Harley DeGuzman, Alex Woods, Kat Kallas and Kolton Kallas.
2013 Washoe County Middle School Duplicate Bridge Teams

Reno Youth Bridge is in its fifth year of teaching bridge at Washoe County Middle Schools. Last autumn, middle school student alumni from Cold Springs and Sparks Middle Schools’ class of 2012 launched a Bridge Club after school activity at AACT High School. The Club has three teachers on its roster as well as 12 other alumni of the RYB program among Reno-Sparks Middle Schools. One of the other schools participating in the Reno Youth Bridge after school activity program is Davidson Academy, at which ninth and tenth grades are taught in addition to Middle School levels.

Shown at left are members of the AACT Bridge team, Preston Latham, Gionanney Zuniga, Joseph Managa, Erin Walsh. This year AACT and Davidson High School Students competed against each other at both the Mid-Winter RYB Pairs Tournament in December and the2013 Spring Team Game Challenges in April. Played as an International Match Point head to head Challenge event (IMP scoring), once again AACT defeated the Davidson Academy this time by 15 IMPS. Led by Captain Giovanney Zuniga, the team got off to a fast start and led by 11 IMPS at the Half and finished strong adding 4 more IMPS during the remainder of the game to win by 15 IMPS. The AACT team’s partnerships were made up of Giovanney Zuniga and Joseph Magana, Preston Latham and Erin Walsh. Davidson Academy’s High School Team members were, Sarah Macharg, Shashank Addagarla, Elliott Glazer and Molly Rakestraw. Observers were somewhat surprised but delighted to see that Erin Walsh, a ninth grade student at AACT was a strong member of the AACT team notwithstanding the fact that since last fall she has been totally blind caused by a mysterious malady. Not to be impeded in her love for the game of bridge, Erin plays with the assistance of a monitor who whispers into her ear what the cards are in her hand and the dummy so that when a card is played and announced she remembers all 26 visible cards and calls out the one she wishes played at her turn.