Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Program

Each school year, Reno Youth Bridge sponsors a special program in which its students may earn points demonstrating their effort to learn how to play the game of bridge.  They earn achievement points (RYBAP) by attending classes and gaining knowledge for how to play the game of bridge.  For these efforts, they receive Black points in recognition of the effort they are making to learn the game. Students have the opportunity to earn Silver Points in the recognition of their relative skills and capabilities to win or score high as evidenced in competition.  Silver Points are earned for Ranking in the three major Tournaments held each year and for certain correct answers to weekly quizzes testing their knowledge of bidding and play.  The students who accumulate the highest number of RYBAP points over the school year are in contention for the winning of a Contingent College Tuition Scholarship in the amount of $1000.  In addition to the Scholarship, merchant Gift cards are awarded to the other top 20 ranked students in amounts from $100 to $500 each.  Here are the various activities in which students may earn Black and or Silver RYBAP points.



Activity List
Activity Award
Attendance at after School Activity >=0 minutes: 0.5 Black
>=60 minutes: 1 Black
Teacher’s Aide Services 1 Black
Play on BBO 0 per board
Play Hands on BBO with RYB Instructor or Director Square root of number of boards played
Tournament Attendance 10 BLack
Tournament Sectional Placement 1st: 20 Silver
2nd: 10 Silver
3rd: 5 Silver
4th: 2 Silver
5th: 1 Silver
Tournament Sectional Placement – C 1st: 10 Silver
2nd: 5 Silver
3rd: 2 Silver
4th: 1 Silver
Win Tournament Overall 10 Silver
BBO Teaching Table 2 Black
Play in BBO Team Match 10 Black
Weekly Lesson & Quiz 5 Black + 1 Silver per correct answer
Open-ended Project 3-10 Black
ACBL Sanctioned Game 5 B + 1 Silver per ACBL masterpoint
Adjustment or Penalties 1 Black per point