Anthoney Ritter-Caden Boehme-March 24, 2018: Putting together a monstrous game score of 71.67%, Caden Boehme and Anthoney Ritter of Reno High School were the overall winners of the A Section Reno Youth Bridge Spring Pairs Championship held at the Reno Bridge Center last Saturday March 24th.  Rerno Youth Bridge sponsors three major tournaments each school year for Middle and High School students who are members of the Washoe County School District’s after school activity teaching the values of learning how to play the game of bridge.  An important potential benefit earned by Caden and Anthoney is their award of RYBAP points toward the possibility of earning the Reno Youth Bridge’s annual award of a College Tuition Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00.  This scholoarship is awarded to the Student who accumulated the highest number of RYBAP points each school year ending in June.  For winning this tournament they will earn 15 RYBAP silver points.  Students accumulate RYBAP points for weekly attendance in the Bridge Club classes, playing in American Contract Bridge League tournaments and playing 12 or more hands with instructors on Bridge Base Online.  In second Place were Joseph and Daniel Watts with a score of 65% which was also a fine score and normally might win the section.  In third place in the A Section were Sarah Macharg and Kat Kallas with a score of 48.5%.

In Section C, the winners were Sophia Paiva and Josie McCue who had a score of 51.67% closely followed by Sebastion Martinez and Donovan Mustard who scored 50%.  The third place pair in the C Section were Ella Paiva and Emree Paiva.


Event Name Saturday Morn Session March 24, 2018

Scores after 5 rounds  Average:   15.0      Section  A

Pair    Pct   Score  Rank

  5   71.67   21.50   1   Caden Boehme – Anthony Ritter

  1   65.00   19.50   2   Joseph Watts – Daniel Watts

  6   48.33   14.50       Sarah Macharg – Kat Kallas

  2   45.00   13.50       Wally DeBarger – Allie Mustard

  4   40.00   12.00       Rachel Clawson – Lucy Burnham

  3   30.00    9.00       Daphne Quint – Alex Mustard



Event Name Saturday Morn Session March 24, 2018

Scores after 5 rounds Average:   15.0      Section C

Pair    Pct   Score  Rank

  5   51.67   15.50   1   Sophia Paiva – Josie McCue

  1   50.00   15.00   2   Sebastian Martinez – Donovan Mustard

  3   45.00   13.50       Ella Paiva – Emree Paiva

  6   43.33   13.00       Vincent Vega – Anthony Salas

  4   41.67   12.50       Eden Richards – Izzy Stillwater

  2   68.33   20.50  NE   Katy Paiva – Tracey Hartwick

Seawbastian Martinez-Izzy Stillwater-Donovan Mustard--Eden Richards Josie McCue-Anthony Salas-Sophia Pavia-Vincent Vega Katy Pavia-Tracey Hartwick-Emree Pavia-Tracey Hartwick-Ella Pavia

Danial Watts-Lucy Burnham-Joseph Watts-Rachel Clawson Caden Boheme-Sarah Macharg-Anthony Ritter-Kat Kallas Caden Boheme-Sarah Macharg-Anthony Ritter-Kat Kallas

Amiee Newberry(RHS),Shanie Mustard (McQueen HS) Terry DeBarger (Reen HS) Amiee Newberry(RHS), Sullivan (Reno) Terry DeBarger (Reed HS)Shanie Mustard (McQueen HS Allie Mustard-Alex Mustaqrd-Wally DeBarger-Daphne Quint

Anthoney Ritter-Caden Boehme-Daniel Watts-Joseph Watts- Kat Kalla-Sarah Macharg Sophia Pavia-Josie McCue-Donovan Mustard-Sebastian Martinez-Ella Pavia-Emree Pavia