Alex Mustard & Daphne Quint Win Mid -Winter Pairs

December 10, 2018:  Reno Youth Bridge Mid Winter Pairs Tournament was held at the Reno Bridge Center last Saturday with youth bridge club members from Wahsoe County School District high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and Charter schools participating.  Celebrating their tenth year of teaching Reno students how to learn, play and win in the game of contract bridge, Reno Youth Bridge, Inc. a nonprofit Navada corporation brings the opportunity for students to earn achievement points toward the granting of a College Tuition Scholarships while enhancing their academic and social skills.  Bridge is a partnership game and those students who apply themselves in learning how to play the game generally have a GPA record significantly above those who do not. While competing in the world’s most popular card game, students are able to learn critical thinking and inferential analysis, something that is difficult to teach..   Dwight Eisenehower was a dedicated bridge player as is Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.  As a matter of fact, most serious bridge players have records of achievement in their vocation too. 

Last Saturday, the students were split into two divisions, one for 2nd year students and another for those just beginnning to learn the game.  No matter how long our students have been learning this great card game competition, each one has the opportunity to demonstrate exceptional skill and rank high in one of the RYB Annual Tournaments.  Saturday’s results were no different.  Susan Powell RYB instructor and Tournament Director reported that Margo Pope, a first year student in the RYB program was able to compete effectively even after attending only one class before playing in this her first major tournament.  Partnering with ShaniMustard, this pair finished second in Division C. by racking up a very nice 58.7% score,  Results of the Tournament are shown below for both Division A in which returning members participate and in Division C in which students are playing for the first time.  

Top Finishers at the RYB 2018 Winter Tournament

A Section (no help with bidding or playing of the hand) winners:


1st Place:   68.75%   Alex Mustard – Daphne Quint  

                                         2nd Place:  53.57%   Jamie Berfield (Faculty Representative) – Wally DeBarger

                            3rd Place:  45.54%   Carrie DeBarger – Eliot Current (both freshman!)  

4th Place:  32.14%   EJ Bright – Varun Giritharan      


              C Section (help with bidding, but no help with playing of the hand) winners:


1st Place:     65.18 %    Trinity Harris – Aja Franchi

                                              2nd Place:    58.93%     Margaret Pope – Shani Mustard (Faculty Representative)

             3rd Place:    47.32%     Payton Findley – Angell Sumampong

4th Place:    46.43%     Eden Richards – Laila Wilson

   5th Place:    43.75%     Macy Samuels – Noah Samuels

    6th Place:    38.39%     Aurora Thompson – Izzy Langley