June 7, 2018: Join us at the Reno Bridge Center for the 6th annual “The Longest Day” fundraising event supporting Alzheimer’s disease care and research. Held annually during the week of June 21st, the longest day of the year, tournaments are played all day long.  Last year, the Old man with wallkerAlzheimer’s Association shared the results of a large-scale clinical trial in Finland that demonstrated the benefits of combining cognitive training and social activity — two of bridge’s chief benefits — with other lifestyle elements: that multiple changes in lifestyle can improve memory and thinking in those at risk for cognitive decline.

A 2014 study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that playing card and board games can help older people retain their mental sharpness. Researchers discovered that the frequency of playing games is associated with greater brain volume in several regions that are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Those who played more frequently also scored higher on cognitive tests.  So come June 21st and play the worlds most popular card game.


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May 23,2018:  Matt Oakley and Emma Miller, two Alumni members of Reno Youth Bridge have achieved their Matt Oakley & Emma MillerSectional Life Master rating in the ACBL.  Matt graduated from the Davidson Academy in Reno last year and attended Oklahoma University this year in his first year at college.  Emma graduated from McQueen High School in 2016 and just finished her sophomore year at American University in Washington D.C.  She will be attending Tulane University this coming year.  Both Matt and Emma have earned sixty (60) Master Points in ACBL tournament play which puts them past the 50-point requirement to become rated as Sectional Life Master.  Matt was the beneficiary of two consecutive Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Program Scholarships and is joining up with this year’s winner of that same award, Sarah Macharg, to compete in the NABC Junior Championships in Atlanta this summer.  Emma also is planning to go to Atlanta this Summer after competing successfully in Philadelphia last year’s NABC Junior Championship. Both these students and Sarah Macharg received online instruction from RYB teacher Dan Green using Bridgebase.com and its popular Bridge Base Online platform.

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May 19, 2018: Sarah MaCharge playing for Reno High School won the RYBAP Achievement Scholarship contest for the school year 2017-2018 by ranking 1st overall in the final pairs DSC_0181_previewcontest partnered with Jamie Cohen from Galena High School.  She and Jaimie put together a 69.20 percent game easily winning the section.  Just 5 RYBAP achievements points behind was Sofia Paiva from the High Desert Montessori Charter School with a score of 105.  Reno Youth Bridge Chairman, Jefri Donovan, said that the RYB Board passed a resolution last year which disallowed any member to be awarded the $1000 College Tuition Scholarship in two consecutive years so this year Sarah was awarded a reduced scholarship in the amount of $500 and Sophia Paiva the second ranked player in RYBAP achievement points was awarded the $1000 Scholarship.  This disn’t bother Sarah, however since she was the beneficiary of that rule last year when she finished second to Matt Oakley who won the RYBAP Achievement contest for the second time in a row, thus enabling Sarah to claim the $1000 prize for that year.  Over the years of Sarah’s membership in RYB, she has earned $3500 of College Tuition Scholarship money and become a fine young bridge player among her other artistic talents as a concert Pianist. Final standings in the top 10 RYBAP positions are shown on the border at the right of this  page. 

RYB Tournament Saturday Morn Session May 19, 2018
Scores after 8 rounds Average: 56.0 Section R.
Pair –Pct —Score —Rank———Name                        
15—- 69.20—– 77.50 ——-1 ——Sarah Macharg – Jamie Cohen
12- —59.82—– 67.00 ——-2 —— Emree Paiva – Ella Paiva
13—- 58.48—– 65.50 ——-3 —— Lucy Burnham – Rachel Clawson
2 —–57.14—– 64.00 ——–4 —— Kathy Morse – Allie Mustard
16—- 55.80—– 62.50 ——-5 —— Caden Boehme – Anthony Ritter
6—– 54.46—– 61.00 ——–6 —— Tyson Freeze – Joseph Watts
7—– 52.23—– 58.50 ——–7 —— Wally DeBarger – Carly Kinerson
1—– 50.45—– 56.50 ——-  8 —— Cari Preston – Daniel Sedano
9—– 48.66—– 54.50——– 9 —— Alex Mustard – Daphne Quint
4 —–48.21—– 54.00——–10—— Maci Samuels – Tracey Hartwick
14—- 45.98—– 51.50——-11—— Vincent Vega – Anthony Salas
11—- 45.09—– 50.50——-12—— Donovan Mustard – Sebastian Martinez
3 —–40.18—– 45.00 —— 13——-Izzy Stillwater – Eden Richards
8—– 36.61—– 41.00 —— 14——-Kat Kallas – Daniel Watts
5—– 32.59—– 36.50 —— 15——-Sophia Paiva – Josie McCue
10—-  NA——–NA———NA——-Shani Mustard – Terri DeBarger

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500 Million Chinese Play Bridge Online


April 22, 2018: Chinese bridge players are banking on growing national interest in one of the world’s most popular card games to enable them to make their mark in the global arena.  Chinese Bridge master Nie Weiping, who is an accomplished bridge player, said hosting world tournaments isn’t enough to promote the game.  It should be a subject taught as a part of Junior and High school curriculum among more juniors,” said Nie, who began playing Bridge when he was 14.

Bridge players competing“I love bridge because it is teamwork. You can team up with anybody. … You discuss tactics and work together. … It is a good way to explore your brain and make friends,” said Nie. At a recent education forum on TV, he kept viewers entertained with his wit and comments at the bad tricks he spotted during a recent tournament, and, sometimes even felt inclined to take over underperforming players’ while they played their hands. The late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, who steered the country’s reform and opening-up in the late 1970s, was known for his love for bridge. Nie has fond memories of teaming up with Deng in bridge wins over other top players and said the wit that Deng displayed in the games embodied the art of his leadership.

The Hong Kong based online game provider, “Ourgame”, has 500 million registered subscribers, including 25 million active ones, and reported an eightfold monthly increase in mobile subscribers during the first nine months of this year.During its congress in June, the China Contract Bridge Association said it will focus on campus competitions, with provincial groups and college bridge leagues teaming up over the next five years to connect more people to the game.

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Year-end RYB Tournament scheduled for May 19th

April 13, 2018: Be sure to mark your calendars for the Year-end RYB Duplicate Bridge Tournament scheduled for Saturday, May 19th at the Reno Bridge Center.  Registration begins at 9:30 AM and a light lunch will be served during the award ceremony at 1:30PM.  All student pairs will play in Flight A and rankings will be made based on total scores measured against each other pair playing the same direction; East-West and North-South directions. The Directors have been considering an option to grant each participant an opportunity to ask an instructor one and only one question regarding a bid or play that they should make to help reach the best contract or make the best play on a hand.  The Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Program awards will also be announced during the Lunch period.  This year, the competition for the $1000 College Tuition Scholarship is so close that any one of the top ten students in standings at this writing are in position to win this prestigious award.


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