Reno Youth Bridge

2014 RYB WCSD Spring Team Championships 002Reno Youth Bridge (RYB) is funded by individuals and charitable foundations that want to support the teaching of contract bridge to students in the Washoe County School District. RYB has estimated that the cost to add each new school to our program is $1900.00 with annual expenses thereafter  between $1000.00 and $1200.00.  Reno Youth Bridge volunteers teach the game of bridge to students participating in after school activities.  During the coming school year RYB expects to have up to 14 schools participating.  Each year, Reno Youth Bridge holds three intramural tournaments to test students in learning the game and competing among their peers.  In August and September of each year, students at all the high school and middle schools in the Washoe County School District have the opportunity to register for membership in their school’s Bridge Club.  Volunteer members of the Reno Bridge Unit of the American Contract Bridge Club teach the students how to play and win at the game of bridge.   Here are a few of the people who contribute their time and energy to make Reno Youth Bridge, Inc. one of the most successful youth programs in America. (Click on Image to see enlargement)

Reno Youth Bridge, Inc. Board Of Directors



Jefri Donovan President and Chief Executive Officer

Jefri Donovan

Jefri was born and raised in Seattle, WA where she earned a BA in Education at the University of Washington. She became a high school physical education teacher for thirty years in a suburb of Seattle.  The last ten years of her teaching career she was the school’s athletic director.  She began playing bridge at the age of 14 when her parents needed a fourth for their bridge games.  She played lots of social bridge in college but because of her career and raising a family, Iad no extra time for bridge. In 2008, when she retired, she found that she joyed a more competitive form of bridge called duplicate.  After moving to Reno, she joined the Reno Unit of the ACBL and learned about the Reno Youth Bridge program.  She volunteered to teach and became a member of the RYB board.  After serving on the board for two years Jefri was elected president.

Jefri says that Bridge is a game that challenges us for as long as we choose to play, and this challenge is one of the main reasons she plays.  She looks forward to introducing a game to the students of the greater Reno area.


Kathy Lane, Founder & Managing Director:


I had the pleasure to join with Grace Martin and Bud Brewer to form Reno Youth Bridge.  As an active bridge teacher, I was well aware that the average age of bridge players was rising and there were few programs available for our youth to learn and play the game.  Since that time, with the support of the offices of the Washoe County School District Superintendent, we have seen hundreds of young people paticipate in intramural and National ACBL Tournaments.  The game has been shown to enhance academic skills and to be a part of this is most enjoyable.  I am particularly proud of those students who have made bridge an active part of their lives and compliment those parents who support them.





Susan Powell, Treasurer, Director, Instructor:

bioMy grandma was an avid bridge player.  When I was ten, she invited me and two of my cousin to stay with her for one week to learn bridge.  We were hooked.  After that, we wanted to play 24/7 but non of our friends played so I played very infrequently growing up.  In 1998, my husband got an assignment to Yokota AFB, Japan.  It was there that I began playing on a regular basis.  Every Friday there was a party bridge game.  After returning to the States, I was not able to find many friends who played bridge, but in June of 2013, my husband retired from the Air Force and we moved to Reno.  Once here, I decided to search for a bridge group and stumbled upon the Reno Bridge Center. They had a youth teaching program and I knew that this would be a perfect place for me to volunteer.  I had  been a high school math teacher for ten years and this would allow me to combine my teaching experience with my love for bridge.






Virginia Kellermyer, Director, Instructor: 

Virginia cropI was born in Louisiana and spent my teens as an “air force brat” after my mother remarried an air force sergeant.  At 16, I was force-fed bridge by my boyfriend’s parents who needed another pair to play bridge at the NCO Club at Barksdale AFB.  Naturally, we were drafted and being obedient teens never dreamed of saying no.  The bridge we were taught was atrocious, but it sparked an interest in the game. After graduation from high school I abandoned bridge until I was about 24, but then embraced it with a passion.  Learning from experts willing to share, teachers, and fellow players I climbed the ranks of bridge.  I moved with my husband and four children to Reno in 1980, and although there were tread marks behind our car where my husband had to drag me away from a very full and happy life in Los Angeles, I cannot now imagine living anywhere else.  I spent 25 years as a legal assistant with a prominent law firm in Reno until I retired in 2013.  I was one of the infamous “returning mothers” who attended UNR in my 40’s earning a bachelors, masters, and part of a Ph.D. before deciding enough!  Currently, I have the pleasure of teaching  various groups, mentoring certain players, and answering any questions put to me.  I love it all.  The students who are members of Reno Youth Bridge are special treasures enthusiastically embracing bridge among many other pursuits, both artistic, athletic, and scholastic. Reno Youth Bridge is an remarkable organization and I feel honored to be a part of it.


LecClier Kelly, Director

Leclair KellI was born and raised in the Denver, Colorado area.  I received an engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines, and worked for over 25 years as a chemical engineer. I have three children and two stepchildren.  My kids are very musical and I spent lots of time when they were little taking them to various lessons and watching them perform.  All the hard work practicing paid off for my daughter, who now makes her living as a piano teacher in San Francisco!  After taking several vacations to this area, my husband and I moved to Reno in 2013.  I’ve always enjoyed playing all sorts of games in my free time, but I’ve only been playing duplicate bridge since 2016.  I look forward to helping spread the great fun of bridge to young players here in Reno!




David Weinberg, IT Consultant:

David Weinberg

David is an adviser and IT consultant for the Reno Youth Bridge Board of Directors. He served as a Board Member and Instructor for several years during the early growth of the company while living in Reno and is the author of the administrative data management program used by the Company for its day to day operations.  He is an accomplished Duplicate Bridge Teacher and player having also authored one of the lesson plans in use for beginning students.  David lives and works out of London England since his transfer there in 2015.